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Which games stood out? Which games have we already added to our mental canon? The rules: All 10 games had to be fully released in , meaning no Early Access games or expansions in the official list. All games had to be released on PC. Hayden : It was a great year for RPG fans, and there was none bigger than Dragon Age: Inquisition , either in terms of budget or in terms of sheer content.

Hayden : Die. Then die. Then die again. Brad : Like other Souls games, DS2 is sly in its storytelling—a corpse strategically placed here, an item with a glimpse of backstory there. Hayden : Far Cry 4 is a snow-covered retread of Far Cry 3 in nearly every way.

I know that. You know that. Brad : Yeah, Far Cry 4 is astounding. Only after I got my hands on the full game was it clear that the alien of Alien: Isolation is actually the least interesting part. Brad: No game has ever made me feel so tense, so hunted. Alien: Isolation forces you to think about every move, and punishes you mercilessly if you make the wrong one.

Take your time. Bask in the terror! And yet here we are. Wolfenstein: The New Order alternates between deadly serious and seriously dumb, and it pulls off both with aplomb. This is easily the best shooter of the year, and a strong contender for surprise best story of the year too—at least as far as big, dumb, shooty stories go.

Hayden : Imagine if, instead of dying in the early s, the isometric CRPG genre had kept evolving that whole time. But that only scratches the surface of what makes the game so special. But instead the honor goes to….

This post-apocalyptic follow-up to a year-old game has its share of weird quirks. The cries from burning Highpool still haunt me. It was like I plunged a knife into his child.

As a compromise, Transistor makes its way onto our Honorable Mention list, and my spinal cord with accompanying poor posture remains intact. Brad : Every part of Transistor is so artful, so elegantly crafted and perfectly harmonious with every other aspect of the game. The music. The haunting voiceover. The art. The insanely customizable combat system. I mean, it is. For now, it lands on our Honorable Mention list as we try and explore more of its billion star systems.

I put more time into Crypt of the Necrodancer this year than I put into some games that were actually released. Meanwhile, the Xbox One got Forza Horizon 2 which is miles and miles ahead in terms of quality arcade-style racing.

Hayden : Shadowrun: Dragonfall started life as an expansion. It later got a full release as a standalone title, but for some reason we still felt weird throwing it on the actual Game of the Year list, so we compromised and put it here instead. If you skipped the original but are a fan of CRPGs, be sure to pick up this one.



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Valiant Hearts: The Great War. Dragon Age: Inquisition.


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