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[The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker – Outset Island

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I love Wind Waker. Great share. This soundtrack only was realese for nintendo club japan, so this is the best way to come us. Great download for fans, even if you have to download every single title at a time it goes by pretty fast. Some titles like the second versions of Molgera and co.

Now I gotta go replay the game. Thanks for getting the songs stuck in my head lol. Awesome list. Glad to finally have it. Thegamer Jul 15th, Offline. Easily one of my favorite soundtracks of all time. It contains all of the music!

Azure7th Apr 25th, Offline. I love the part during the Staff credits at BetaRayquaza Apr 25th, Offline. Guest Reviewer Apr 25th, Offline. Awesome website! Make this even better guys! Registeel Apr 25th, Offline. Juliust04 Apr 25th, Offline. The best videogame!!

Great also, second favorite after OOT. Hyrule Castles Theme is missing. Great Soundtrack! It’s a bit smoother than the original one in Game Cube. I love this soundtrack tx a lot. Menu Select. The Legendary Hero. Outset Island. Forsaken Fortress. Windfall Island. The Great Sea. Maritime Battle. The Second Maritime Battle. Open Treasure Box. Get Item. Get Small Item. This is awesome! My Favorite Zelda Game without a doubt! This game rocked!!!

Wind Waker was one of my favorite Zelda games of all time. I need to download more songs later, but other than that, this game was the shiz. The music was the best part. Kudos to whoever uploads these. It must be tough getting all these songs from the game. The Wind Waker’s Soundtrack is amazing This site is an invaluable resource for RPG makers! I have entire soundtracks from this site, being used in my own RPG! All I can say is thanks! OMG I have been looking everywhere for this!!

Even thought this game doesn’t beat Ocarina of Time is still has great music! This is the best zelda game i dowloaded every song for it and am playing it for my second time thanks khinsider for having all the songs avalible. It rocks my socks! I like jamming out to The Ocean Theme and ganondorf final theme.

All of it is just the most awsome music, ever found ever. I love this soundtrack! Wind Waker is one of my favorite games and the sound track is amazing! Thank You! This site is perfect! Q -Sasme. I love these songs! I downloaded like all the battle themes and listen to them over and over again and listen to them on online games instead of the in-game music!

I liked the game and the music was great, but I’d say this is third to Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess. Now Try the legend of zelda phantom hourglass. It continues the wind waker. Its only on Nintendo DS. The songs are the best!!! I have some on my Ipod. I listen to them alot. My fave is Molgera 2ed time. And Sgae Laruto. This rip of the sound track is fairly clear. My only complaint is not that you can tell it is not created by real instruments. But for zelda fans, its enjoyable.

Pleeeeeeeeese add the sountrack for Twilight Princess and PH. I always loved the songs from wind waker, and now I can listen to them anytime i want. This site is the greatest! Wind Waker is an awesome game And I have like ten songs from here on my mp3 player. Zelda games always have the best music. I really like these songs so much. Kidbomb had just about all these songs; unfortionitly, KidBombs gone. This album was updated on 29th of October, Skittles why is there no version of the battle theme with none of those annoying battle sounds.

Skittles May 31st, Offline. Guest Reviewer Apr 25th, Offline. HinDae, it’s the 2nd maritime battle. Spirt tracks was the best for me. Thanatos Drive Apr 25th, Offline. Did I misss “Farewell Hyrule King” or does it have an alternate name? Never gets old! First, it is probably in all the other albums, and you can add it yourself. The work of this site is awesome!!! I love Wind Waker and I am so glad to see all the tracks up! I want to hear Dragon Roost Island on this.

Radimus Apr 25th, Offline. This is not only the best album, but it helped me with school! HinDae Apr 25th, Offline. Missing the secret solved chime. Genfu Apr 25th, Offline. Menu Select. The Legendary Hero. Outset Island. Inside a House. Grandpa’s House. Fencing Instruction. Beedle’s Shop. A Mysterious Giant Bird Attacks. Finding Tetra. The Forest of Outset Island.

Bokoblin Migration. Encounter with Tetra. Aryll’s Kidnapping. Inside the Pirate Ship. Forsaken Fortress Invasion 1. Forsaken Fortress Invasion 2. Forsaken Fortress. Reunion with Sister. Rendezvous with the Ship 1. Rendezvous with the Ship 2. Rendezvous with the Ship 3. Windfall Island. Zunari’s Store. The Great Sea. Maritime Battle.

The Second Maritime Battle. Treasure Chest Get. Treasure Chest Open. Item Get. Small Item Get. Dragon Roost Island.

Dragon Roost Cavern. Game Over. Gohma Appears. Gohma Battle First Half. Gohma Battle Second Half. Boss Clear Fanfare. Get Heart Container.

Get Orb. Wind’s Requiem Baton. Wind’s Requiem. Get Baton Song. Yacht Game. Yacht Game Goal. Yacht Game Failure. Song of Passing Baton. Song of Passing.

Forest Haven. Inside Forest Haven. The Deku Tree’s Crisis. The Deku Tree and the Koroks. Forbidden Woods. Kalle Demos Appears. Kalle Demos. Ceremony in the Woods. Song of the New Year’s Ceremony. The Cursed Great Sea. Sacred Shrine. Tower of the Gods Appears. Tower of the Gods. Command Melody Baton. Gohdan Appears. To Hyrule.


Sage Laruto.


Wind waker outset island theme download.The Wind Waker Soundtrack


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