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Need for Speed: The Run is the 18th title in the Need for…. Need for Speed: The Run is the 18th title in the Need for Speed series developed by EA Black Box The download beauty plus for pc focuses on point-to-point races involving overtaking opponents, defeating rivals, time attacks, and evading the efforts of both police and criminal gang читать далее to stop them.

Unlike previous entries in the series, The Run features an extensive здесь of races set against real-life locations, including the cities of New York, Chicago, Nfs the run limited edition pc download Vegas, and San Francisco, and features a wide variety of real-life cars to drive in. Players take the role of the protagonist Jack Rourke, a marked man in debt to the Mob, racing for his life to pay off the money he owes.

Stage 1 opens with Jack duct taped to the steering wheel of a Porsche Carrera S that is being hoisted and dropped into a crusher by a crane. Jack successfully escapes from the crusher and steals an Audi RS4 as he attempts to escape from The Mob. The Mob notices him and promptly pursues Jack. The pursuit ends when Jack crosses the railway before being involved in a collision with a train. Jack meets long-time friend Sam Harper in a Chinese restaurant.

XP points can be obtained by performing car stunts, overtaking racers and instances of dangerous driving. The handling of the game is said to be a mixture of Hot Pursuit and Shift. It is designed to be accessible for beginners yet challenging for advanced players.

Nitrous is available in any event of the game and will automatically recharge itself after usage. Cars handle similarly to their real life examples, although with an arcade overlay and will greatly differ from each other depending on the type of vehicle that they are.

Need for Speed: The Run uses a handling rating for each car, with ratings ranging читать статью Easy to Expert. Need for Speed Rivals Complete Edition. The collision model in Need for Speed: The Run is similar to that seen in Hot Pursuit although a race will immediately end if nfs the run limited edition pc download player wrecks their vehicle without any checkpoint resets.

A Rewind option allows the player to restart an event from their last checkpoint if they wreck their vehicle by a collision or by driving off the race course. Rewinds are only available in limited quantities as their amount is dependent on the difficulity level that the player has selected; Easy has 10 Rewinds, Normal has 5 Rewinds, Hard has 3 Rewinds and Extreme has 1 Rewind as well as the most difficult AI opponents. The Run employs a large range of real-world vehicles.

Need for Speed: The Run allows players to control their character during special on foot sequences. This gameplay element is in the form of Quick-Time Events nfs the run limited edition pc download the player must tap buttons on the controller when prompted to the story.

There are also Checkpoint Race events. The game also features Battle Races, which are technically alike to Sprints, as well as Rival Races, which involves in the player competing with particular racers of Need for Speed: The Run. In some nfs the run limited edition pc download of the game, gas stations can be found, where the player can swap and visually modify their vehicle. Single Player Sprint Race — The player has to complete the event and overtake all opponents within the race.

Need for Перейти на страницу Heat. Checkpoint Race — A time trial with a series of checkpoints. The player must pass through a set series of checkpoints to earn additional time added before it expires. Battle Race — The player races with three or more rivals in a sprint race with the task of overtaking and maintaining a lead over each rival before time expires.

Rival Race — The player must overtake a rival before they reach the finish nfs the run limited edition pc download. Survival — The player must not wreck their vehicle whilst being under attack. The Challenge Series in Need for Speed: The Run features several separate categories of events with each series focusing on certain states, territories, terrains, vehicles, or themes.

Different series are unlocked as the player progresses through each stage of The Run. Rewards can be earned upon completion of an entire series with either bronze, silver, gold, and platinum medals. Vehicles in Need for Speed: The Run are divided into performance tiers and fitted with visual modifications. Compared to their stock counterparts, they are performance tuned and often ranked in higher tiers. The handling of each car is also given either an Easy, Normal, Challenging, Very Difficult or Expert difficulty rating.

Some vehicles are restricted to The Run mode. In this mode and during a race event, players can also swap their vehicle in gas stations, which are placed in certain locations. In Need for Speed: The Run, players can equip body kits on to their vehicles and also paint the vehicles.

There are cosmetic body kits known as Style Pack kits and Aero Pack kits. Visual customisation can be performed in gas stations and in the View Cars mode. An experience points XP system is used for unlocking cars and events in multiplayer and Challenge Series races. The game also feature a Rewind option that allows the player to restart an event to their last checkpoint if they wreck their vehicle or to rewind their vehicle from collision or missed opportunity.

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