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Below are practice questions — you can click on the link for an audio file, or print and have someone read the passage to you. Caterpillars Butterfly larvae, or caterpillars, consume plant leaves and spend practically all of their time in search of food. Although most caterpillars are herbivorous, a few species eat other insects. Some larvae form mutual associations with ants. They communicate with the ants using vibrations that are transmitted through the soil as well as using chemical signals.

The ants provide some degree of protection to the larvae and they in turn gather honeydew secretions. Scan for audio Click for audio. They do not receive any benefit. Ants give them protection. Ants give them food. Ants give them honeydew secretions.

Ants benefit most. Larvae benefit most. Both benefit the same. Neither benefits. A Eating. Larvae spend most of their time in search of food and their food is leaves. This page is not interactive — we have a Listening comprehension course — with some free questions here that is interactive. Perhaps a vague questions?

Or perhaps not — I will review. The Larvae spend most time in search of food and searching for food is not same as eating food. So logical answer should be D. Your email address will not be published. Listening Comprehension. Questions 1. What do most larvae spend their time doing? Eating b. Sleeping c. Communicating with ants. None of the above 2. Are all caterpillars herbivores? Yes b. No, some eat insects 3.

What benefit do larvae get from association with ants? Do ants or larvae benefit most from association? Answer Key 1. B Some caterpillars eat other insects. B From the passage, the ants provide some degree of protection 4. C The association is mutual so they both benefit. Written by , Brian Stocker MA. Brian Stocker MA. After you take a Practice Test 20 March, Tejas K A.

Gurmeet kaur. Brian Stocker. Subramaniam Krishnan. How is Eating the same as Searching for food? Karanjot Singh Sarna. Leave A Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


English listening comprehension exercises free download


If yes, then you have come to the right place. This post compiles a huge list of Free Printable Reading Comprehension Worksheets that can be easily downloaded. This series targets mainly students with продолжить чтение as well as elementary levels. Read the passage and answer the questions. Last Sunday, forest animals had a sports contest. Elephant English listening comprehension exercises free download and Ant Nima had the Weight lift.

Although Nima is smaller and thinner, she lifted much heavier things than her body, So she won. Next, Rabbit Rapid and Tortoise Trent had a race. Rapid thought he would be the winner. Suddenly he heard the cheers. Trent won the first prize. Questions :. When did the forest animals have a sports contest? Why could the ant win?

Did the english listening comprehension exercises free download win? English listening comprehension exercises free download :. Read the text and fill in the blanks with the appropriate word. Today is the 21 st of March. Some are carrying water. All of the students are busy. They are helping to make our environment healthy, safe and beautiful. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the words given.

My father is called James. He is a doctor. It will be sunny this weekend. Because I need more exercise. Read the passage and choose the english listening comprehension exercises free download answer. My name is Sophia. This is a picture of my house. Please come and look at my house. There are three bedrooms, one living room, a big kitchen, and a bathroom. I have my own room now.

There is a bed, a bookshelf, a desk and a chair in it. There are many books on the shelf. There are pink curtains. There is a fan on the wall. I love my room. Lucy lives in Bermingham. Her father has a shop there and her mother is a nurse.

She is six years mario bros download pc original. Her father drives a car to take her to school every day. So she is never late for class and her teachers like her.

It is Monday today. She is an English girl. She is an American girl. She is an English teacher. She is in Grade Five. She is in Grade Two. She is in Grade One. By car. By bike. By bus. There are four. There are three. There are two. Matilda is seven. She can go to school. It is her first day at school. Her teachers are very good. The other children are very friendly. She likes the school very much. After school, she goes home with the other children. The other boys and girls in her school are very.

Brown B. Miss Green C. Miss Brown. My Sister and I My name is Ava. I have a sister. Her name is Emma. We are eleven. We are in the same school. We are in the same class, too. We are good twin sisters. We go to school at 7: I like pears. She likes apples. I like playing table tennis. She likes playing basketball.

English listening comprehension exercises free download the text and write true T or false F. Ava and Emma are twins. Ava and Emma are in the same class. Ava likes bananas. Emma likes playing football. They are in different schools. Carl: Hi, Mary. Where did you go yesterday? Jenny: I went to the sports park with my parents.

Carl: What did you english listening comprehension exercises free download Jenny: Dad ссылка на страницу I went swimming. Mom and our cat, Bella, went for a walk in the park. Carl: Did you have a good time? Jenny: Yes, we did.

We had a great time. We ate lunch in the park restaurant. Carl: Bella? Jenny: Yes, we all were sad. Then we went back home. Bella was in our house! Carl: Bella walked back to your house?


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Authentic English listening and reading materials. Fun, imaginative quizzes and games. Full statistics. Track your progress as your English improves! Download. A selection of English ESL listening comprehension printables.


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Being able to take in what you hear and make sense of what is being communicated is as much of a skill as is as reading or speaking.

There are many complex speech sounds that often go unheard or are just missed. These worksheets will, with the help of a teacher or peer, engage them in listening process and help them improve their listen comprehension. Sweet Frog — Pass out questions to the students. Question sheets should remain face-down on their desks while you read the text aloud to students. A Day at the Beach — When you are finished, ask students to turn their questions sheets over and answer the questions.

A Summer Job — It was the end of the school year, and all of Corey’s friends were going to be busy for the summer. A Bad Idea — Meghan was in the first grade.

Meghan enjoyed school, except for one thing-she was not a good speller. The Silly Armadillo — Willie the armadillo lived in a small zoo. Wille was the only armadillo in the zoo.

He was also the only very small animal. The Missing Kitten — Gina had a little black kitten named Mal. Mal was very sweet and good natured and patient. She was also very curious. Check all that apply. The Worst Day Ever — From time to time, everyone has a day where it seems like everything goes wrong. One Tuesday morning. Hank woke up into this kind of day. Velociraptors: Myths vs.

Reality — You probably know them as the clever and deadly, man-size predators in the Jurassic Park movies. But did you know that the real velociraptors that lived during the Cretaceous period were nothing like how they have commonly been portrayed in the movies? Reality — Read each statement. Is it myth or is there scientific evidence to support it? Write “myth” or “reality” next to each statement. He first worked as an office assistant for Timely Comics.

The Bake Sale — The Mitchell Elementary School chorus needed to make some money-fast-if they were going to be able to travel to the state choral competition. Big Mouth — Frank’s mouth was always getting him into trouble. There are an increasing number of jobs available in STEM fields. Our Modern Food System — The term food system refers to the interaction of activities having to do with producing, processing, transporting, obtaining, and eating food. Types of Clouds — A cloud is made up of very small drops of water or ice crystals that are light enough to float in the air.

K Rowling was born in Her first book, written when she was six years old, was about a rabbit with the measles, and she asked her mother to “get it published”. Listen with Your Whole Body! How to Listen – Complete each sentence.

Draw a picture of each body part. Good Habits – We describe posture and communication techniques and you tell us if they are good or bad habit. Quick Research – You may need to do a few searches to answer these.

What’s He Thinking? Picture That – We give you a body language scenario and ask you to draw it. How to Do It – We look at different qualities to make sure you are communicating effectively.

What Do You Hear? You will be asked to draw a picture of what you heard in a box. Following Instructions – Tell the students they will practice listening and following instructions. Tell them that you will read each instruction twice. Practice – We work on the base skill of following simple vocal instructions with students. Object Descriptions – Circle the object whose name you hear the teacher read. Letter Sounds – Say the name of each picture. Do you hear the letter at the beginning of the name or the end?

Working With Distractions – You will follow verbal directions while working with distracting images. Spot the Dinosaur – This will include some coloring and drawing. It is easy to get distracted and move your attention elsewhere when you are listening to something. This is because we do not develop our effective listening skills from the beginning. You should remain active while listening to comprehension. Do not let the distractions get to you.

If you feel like you have been distracted by something, get your focus back on the track. However, it is important to be relaxed when listening to something. Trying so hard to focus will only deviate your focus to something else.

You need to keep an open mind while listening to comprehension. You should let go of any previous perceptions or thoughts so that you can focus on what is being said. A great way to keep attention to the comprehension is by picturing the words.

You can create scenarios that are being talked about. You can create your movie in your head. This way, you will enjoy listening to comprehension. There will be fewer chances that you will get distracted. Another effective way to improve your comprehension listening skills is to take notes while listening. Get yourself a rough notebook and a pen or a pencil. You can quickly make notes of the important points. This will also improve your understanding of the topic.

The last tip is to remain patient. Improving your listening skills takes time. It cannot happen in a day. There will be times when you will feel distracted. With constant trying, you will improve your comprehension of listening skills. Four Sounds – We change this activity up a bit.

How to Improve Listening Comprehension Here are some tips to improve your comprehension of listening skills. Be Attentive But Relaxed It is easy to get distracted and move your attention elsewhere when you are listening to something. Keep An Open Mind You need to keep an open mind while listening to comprehension. Picture The Words A great way to keep attention to the comprehension is by picturing the words. Learn By Taking Notes Another effective way to improve your comprehension listening skills is to take notes while listening.

Be Patient The last tip is to remain patient. Answers to everything too! Upgrade Me Now. All rights reserved.

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