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[Ksp 0.23 free download windows

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Ksp 0.23 free download windows



– Kerbal Space Program Free Download (v1.11.1.03066)

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– Kerbal Space Program – Early Access


By Mu. Here is the link for the 0. Not much else has changed really but will now let you export. KSPParticleEmitter was built because Unity particle emitters are notoriously hard to script and serialize. Sadly it does lead to some limitations in the space orientation and spawning of the particles. However for simple thrust and rcs jets it should be fine. If Unity ever open the particle emitters up to be able to script for them properly then we will update KSPParticleEmitter to match.

If you require more extreme particle emitters then you will need UnityPro and AssetBundles to export them, alternatively you can spawn our inbuilt ones via code. When I extract the zip file I do not have a unity package file, just Editor, Lib and Shaders folders with. Importing new particles is very very buggy. If I try to revert the launch, everything just disappears from view and debug reports Null Reference Exceptions all the time.

Also, I don’t see the option in particle editor for “size over lifetime”. I see that stock effects are using it, but there is no option for changing size during lifetime in the editor.

I can’t seem to install the part tools. I dropped it in the asset folder and tried to import the package, but I got the message “Error while importing package: Package has unknown format” The download was a zip, and I renamed it unitypackage, as else I couldn’t even select it to import, and unzipping gave me a bunch of individual files.

I’m new to this so please shout up if I’m wrong! Same issue here, I use 0. However part tools 0. What am I supports to do with part tools 0.

How do I import it into unity? The readme for part tools 0. Is it even thr correct thing in the download? I have to say I am not terribly impressed – a readme with install instructions would not be too much to ask.

Hi Mu, the 0. Is it possible to get an updated package which works with the Unity 4. I don’t think KSP actually supports Unity 4. They’ve mentioned in the dev notes that they are still testing the latest version. So my guess is that we’ll have to wait until at least 0. Use the 0. That doesn’t tell me anything. Where do the new files need to go? I have. There is no clear place to put these other files from the. Which is a freakin tiny SSD. FFS when will people making software stop doing this!

I installed the damned software on another drive for a reason. To import the 0. The part tools should automatically begin loading, then you specify your KSP game directory.

You can create as many projects as you want, each with their own directory and each needs to have the part tools manually imported. Why are all my posts being audited and I have to wait for a moderator to approve them and how do I get off the damn list??? To get off the list, drop the attitude toward other forum members and watch the language. To summarize for others, ctbram would like clear and specific directions for the placements of the necessary files and folders.

Some of the locations will vary depending on choices you make during the process, but here’s an example install. Where is the proptools?

Opening it just opens it in monodevelop. I seem to have a problem with the part tools script on Unity. On the “inspector” there is a box that says “Multi-object editing not supported”.

Even when only a simple box is used, this message comes up. I only started using Unity today, so it might be an error on my part. However, from what I do know, this is the script that makes it work in KSP. Any help would be much appreciated. I tweaked it a bit, and everything almost works now. Does it not make a LOT more sense for the parttools 0. It has nodes in the wrong place and the wrong name when looked at in flight and terrible textures and is a primary cuboid but it holds fuel.

Not bad, 16 minutes from downloading sketchup, blender and unity for the first time to an ingame fuel tank.

That was pretty easy compared to how I thought it was going to be. Now to make it again but with curves, the right name, only 1 node in the right place, better texture and surface attach.

I wanted to get started making parts for KSP but I’m unable to find the “write” button for the part tool component. What am I doing wrong? I believe you are in debug mode.

Click that little icon to the right of the lock symbol the down arrow and the three lines in the upper right corner and select the normal view and the write button should appear. You can post now and register later.

If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Share More sharing options Followers 2. Reply to this topic Start new topic.

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