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Dynamic API Resolution. Stripped Payloads. Embedded Payloads. Plist File Modification. Reflective Code Loading. Rogue Domain Controller. R, i created the apk but my phone says “parsing error” while installing. Ive updated the Kali version to 2 and from there on, idk what is going on with my ip. I dont know why it happend but here take a picture of what Ive seen when typing ‘route -n’:.

However when i get the meterpreter session i only see the core commands and not the android commands? After i run the exploit. So I have a session but when i do a?

Any help would be great. R I just wanna ask why the backdoor file size is 0? Everything worked perfectly but the backdoor. So I have tried everything i can think of , the apk does not install problem parsing package, I set it in prop and I am using es file explorer.

On android 5. Please help asap. In the first step,when I typed the msfpayload command, it gives an error “bash: msfpayload: command not found”. Please help sir! Guys pls help me, i am new to kali linux I tried the Wan method. I dont have a wifi but an adsl connection.

R thanks for ur greate article. First, close your open network. Use WPA2 and create a complex password. That will boot them off your wifi. If need be, use MAC filtering on the router as well.

Thanks for you quick reply Since they are going thru my wifi router I reckon it should be possible right? I am new to network and its stuff, want to try hacking android remotely over internet. Can you please tell me a little briefly on the point: You can also hack android on WAN i.

What is port forwarding exactly and how can i do that, also how do I use the public or external IP address. The file won’t open within the phone, idk if it’s suppose to be like that but even if it is my listener isn’t picking up anything.

X ifconfig signed apk too but when exploit its just nothing Suppose apk is installed on many phones. Please guide. If not then pls tell one which is safe to download.

Helllo Mr. R, i am very much impressed with the tutorial and tried it out on same network. Further i tried to get it on different network but the same is not working. I tried port forwarding on router belkin but invain. First I want to say that you guys do an excellent job. I have no problem following your well written tutorials.

On this specific tutorial everything works great. The only problem is once I close the listener terminal and come back later to reconnect. The listener is unable to connect until the victim clicks on the “MainActivity” app again. How can I fix this to be able to connect at any time without the victim having to click the app every time? Oh this is so awesome when this gets done to you and things are getting stolen from your front door when something comes from Amazon or they are trying to steal money from your bank accounts!

Thanks :. Thanks for all your great articles. In order to fix that start the commands with “sudo”. Like the following picture.

Thanks for the great guide! I just wanted toknow how to port foward and all that. I’m planning to do this over WAN. Would appreciate a reply or link to a comment that already answers this. Hi and thanks for the tutorial. Sir can we access different phone using this method. I’m getting this one after exploit: exploit running as background job 2.

I know I’m a bit late, but when I try to open the app on my phone, nothing happens neither on my machine nor my phone. I did the setup correctly, but it seems to be operator error. Is there something else I need to do?

This is the first hacking attempt that I’ve done so far Thanks in advance! By the way, I’m stuck on the “Starting the payload handler Thank you for the helpful guide. I’ve successfully connected to the host. I want to know that can I connect it again without installing the apk again. If can please tell me how. I know I’m 3 years late to the part, but after looking in the comments I discovered that I had to use msfvenom instead of using msfpayload.

My problem is that even when I use msfvenom Kali still returns Command not found. If anyone knows why, please respond! I couldn’t find anything on the internet about msfvenom not existing!

You are entering the commend wrong. NOT msfpayload. This method is so old. This method won’t work anymore on the new android phone and actually there are many videos and posts about this method. This is very urgent!! Or better still , can someone provide a resource place where I can get attacking scripts python that will work with kali linux for attacking smart home devices.

This is for a project and not intended for negative impact.. Although i got the same result. But sometimes the app doesn’t install properly. I got the solution from wormcorp website. What should i do in order to make the apk parsable on my android?? And by the way thanks F.

R for sharing this wonderful hack. This is what the victim Android is showing when I tried to install it and yes unknown sorces was enable. Hi, You’d need to include something in the email telling them how to enable Unknown Sources, correct?

I am interested in finding out how to go around this. Yes, best to have it connect via other sources Hi I have the same issue have you fixed it yet cuz I have the same issue with same exact command.

Try adding sudo to the beginning of the command. Msf -p android I followed all the steps but at the end after entering the command “exploit” later i get stuck in loaing payload handler” solution Help. You are Welcome Wolf. What approach do you suggest I follow. Hope you get back to me asap. Thank you. This is really great tutorial.

I will give it a try Thanks a LOT for your great tutorial! Thanks in advance. Hey there,GRAT tutorials! Btw, why should we forward port number 80? Great tutorial sir! Welcome to Null Byte! Anytime AMAN! The model number is: F6D v Hi Ray! NAT in VMware? Not a chance. Switch to bridged. It’s okay :. Did you get it fixed? Even i’m not making any progress. Port : Enter the ip address to forward these ports to into the Internal Host box IP of your hacking system.

Thank You Ciuffy, now I dont have to worry about it. No problem, glad I helped. Can u give me instructions on how to start. Hope to hear from you soon. Delete this line: iface eth0 inet dhcp Add this instead: iface eth0 inet static Now add these to configue the static IP: all in different lines address OK Got it!

But the first and second lines are: auto lo iface lo inet loopback What should I do? Now I’ve inserted the data card into a micromax modem and have wifi. Logging out of Kali. But if the public IP is dynamic, and you hack anything on WAN then the meterpreter prompt will stay until your router reboots as the IP will change after reboot So, don’t worry keep hacking!

Thanks a ton, FEAR, much appreciate it. But what about my other query? You are always welcome Lemon, And thanks for the info. A screenshot would help. R, Thanks for the fast answer.

Welcome back Aman, I am assuming that you know how to go to the configuration page of the router. What next sir? I’m doing something wrong on the setting of my router? I have the same problem on two different android devices. R for the tut. I think u can find it in your home folder. Why Meterpreter session closes nearly after sec.

So what is the solution??????? Uninstall antivirus And ya some more tutorial are expected from you bro!! Keep on posting. Your username is: christopherray. You click on the little picture icon that says “add an image” when you hover over it. R bro, first of all thanx for the tutz ; i need the tutorial that working on wan, and it must be a persistant one.

Solo Hacker I’ll be making a tutorial to that soon.. These things have been mentioned in the guide. Also, the guide is here on Null-Byte.

You spelled android wrong while creating the payload. Thank you! Thanx for the answer and greets for the tutorials. Nice job! I think uninstall metasploit and install it again. This should help. Welcome Bobbe. I never updated my kali, and never will, until I know its verified, and only for custom updates not random packages even metasploit Ruby version 1.

Bob You too have a good evening! Its night here actually. I mean public IP, since we have dynamic IPs? Hi Back, I don’t think we can use ‘no-ip’ on this, it takes time to refresh, but if you make the back door persistent , then, it may work! Will try someday and let you know.

I dont find wlan as i dont have a wireless card and i think thats not a problem for now. Thanks and Regards, xMidnightSnowx. My router is tp link wr74on and I am having a though time forwarding the ports.

Can u help plz. Just type screenshot in the Meterpreter shell. I don’t think that works does it? Hi fear, When i type exploit and it start then i click on the Phone the apk, i open it but doesn’t work.. I tre to open The port but i don’t know how I have a netgear dgn v4. Do you mean port forwarding the port? That is what you need to do for WAN. And now try it again. Hello, I would like to point out that I am completely new; and I am trying this tutorial.

I guess you arnt using Kali Linux , because this former backtrack supports android payload. Yes, but only while creating the payload. Did i configured wrong? Please get me a screenshot of the security options. Just follow the whole hacking process again. Actually it has, I saw that from the note of your screenshot above but nevemind now.

Antivirus is blocking the backdoor apk to access camera. Wait seriously I’ll have to check that out! Thanks for the info Lee. Fear, can you confirm that this exploit works on a Vm? EDIT: I cannot get enough time to initialize persistence. Glad, it worked out! Try run. Because you haven’t put the hosts internal IP. Hi, Main activity application opens and remains running in the background, so don’t worry. Ok , Ill try it and reply! For that I’ll need your router’s Company name, Model No.

And version if any. Then try these: Admin Password admim Password Admin password admin pass admin admin If they don’t work press your router’s hard reset button, to switch the password to the default To port forward: follow this guide: here Add 2 services one with port and the other with There is a start port and a finish port , what do they mean? First select the service you created, then edit it’s inbound and outbound rules.

And for the ports , Is that the way that supposed to be? Now, upgrade metasploit framework: msfupdate. Another question , How do I remove the Persistence from the phone?

If it changes sometime, just use this cmd to change it back: ifconfig eth0 Welcome friend, :. I am using tplink router Be specific, model no.? Don’t worry about me I corrupted my Kali. Update your metasploit: msfupdate. I get this on the first step : The utility msfpayload is deprecated! Tick the check-box for ‘Allow executing file as a program’ And then, I think you know what to do We will use the scp utility to transfer the file Attacking machine command:.

Netcat We will use the tool that is known as the Swiss knife of the hacker, netcat. Most computers with linux have it installed so this is an advantage. Victim machine command:. FTP We will mount a temporary ftp we could use a conventional ftp using the twistd utility to access from the victim and download the file Attacking machine command:. This method is the same as it is to upload a file but the other way around. In this case the victim machine must have python to run the simple server.

We have to take into account that we will not have permits to lift any port. We could also move our file to the web server folder if, for example, it has the apache running, although for that we should have permissions. Netcat We will also use the netcat tool in reverse order to upload the file to the victim machine. It is important to take into account the permits on the ports to be used. Free to download and use, this app is a modification program for game modding. This open-world experience lets you roam a fictional world and do whatever you want, drawing This game utility allows players to add various forms of realism into the game, This game utility introduces new game models into the Rockstar game and lets you play as the If you are a long-time player of the Developed by Alexander Blade, this mod Grand Theft Auto 5 Theme is developed by Electrocomputerscience and contains over 40 high-quality wallpapers for your PC.

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