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Dwarf fortress lazy newb pack windows download

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Here’s a forum thread with the official announcement trailer and roadmap. Feel free to wishlist and follow the game over on Steam if you’d like a reminder send to your inbox when the game is launched.

We also have a report to take us into the last sixth of and the Future of the Fortress reply. Things are going very well. Lemme go refresh my memory as to what has occurred this month And a lot of bugs were created and destroyed of course, as is the natural order of things.

Jacob also did waterwheels, screwpumps, and many other buildings. Construction Turning to face wind Carolyn recently expanded the dwarven hair image catalog by two times, added bones, made all the unit status bubbles, and more. Can you identify Carolyn’s underground DF critters? Undercritters How about these real-world fish by Neoriceisgood? Neoriceisgood also did many other critters. The placement of constructed track ramps was still acting weird, so yesterday I finally did what I should have done all along, for both carved and constructed tracks – click point one, hover over point two on any z-level and the game displays a track path for you.

If you like it, click, if you don’t like it, move to a closer point until it picks the right path and finish up your design piecemeal. Seems to be working okay so far! There’s some trickiness since the paths shouldn’t for instance span a chasm and loop back down under themselves on a ramp since that would invalidate the ramp – I caught some of it and it works okay, but I’m sure there’s some weird edge cases etc.

But it’s a huge improvement. You can make a big looping rampy tunnel from elevation 40 to elevation and the new system can fill it with tracks in two clicks or slightly more keypresses! I feel like I’ve entered the same frame of mind I was in when I was finishing my thesis. There can be up days and down days, some with a ton of progress and some with very little tangible to show, but the mind has completely disappeared into the work.

Yesterday went great. I reworked the object load system so we can now alter text definitions all the way up to the end – it used to process them as they were loaded. The primary benefit of this change is allowing mods to snip out and replace individual entries without having to drop entire files, or to append a few lines to an existing entry, etc.

I also fixed some layout issues with the building sheet, got custom building nicknames working again, fixed a sizing issue with sprites on sheets, put in some missing graphics, added a few new helpful messages, etc. There’s a lot more to do there, menu by menu, but this is a good start.

I don’t recall if we mentioned adding an option to use the closest material for buildings rather than having to select it , and an option to continue building after placement, so if you have, say, a nearby stockpile filled with blocks, you can just splat down multiple constructions now or anything else like ding ding ding. And constructions can be built vertically now, as long as one of the levels has access to building materials – we haven’t yet set up the system where you don’t even need specific items available at all, and that’ll be too risky to set up before the release, but building things generally is way way easier now, and the initial selection menu is much nicer as well.

Finally – and this accounts for more than half of the time – lots of art has come in. We’ll show some with the news post in a few days. We’ve been in Autumn for a few days now, and everything is still going well. One hour demo We did forget to reveal the one thing that you generous old fans would be most interested in: Classic is evolving right along with the ease of use that Premium will feature. It is still unclear whether the free version will be released the same time as Premium or sometime shortly after.

Initial widescreen test Another development is the question of whether DF would run on ultra widescreen monitors. We have joined the 21st Century and bought one to fix it ourselves. This is all because of your generous gifts!

Your support is the reason Bay 12 Games exist. Should the future mirror the past, your excitement with allow us to make it even further. Notably, we’ll be doing a live demo at PAX tomorrow!

It’ll be streamed at twitch and should also be available afterward hopefully. Somewhat distracted by my first potential root canal, ha ha.

Hopefully that will be resolved soon. I’ve mostly been catching up on art, which we’ll show in a few days, and handling random bugs. For instance, I don’t recall if it’s in the last video, but you’ve quite likely seen either dwarves slicing through menus as they walk, or especially showing through the minimap. I believe I’ve taken care of all that now. I don’t see it anymore, anyway, though there are varieties and something rare may still exist.

Did some more Classic conversion as well, and a little more work on our exciting announcement ha ha. Which is not this week! I didn’t realize some people would be out of town or continent, as the case may be, is.

Soon though, as we approach our PAX demo. I was side-tracked a bit this week, since we’re doing a demo in Seattle on September 2nd at PAX, and I wanted to make sure some things were ready for that. Well, as ready as they can be for a live demo! So I guess I wasn’t actually side-tracked, since it’s all forward progress, but I mostly ended up working on something we’re going to announce next week ha ha.

I have a feeling the whirlwind sense I have will only increase as we draw closer to the end. Lots and lots of things keep coming in, and there are still a few categories incoming I haven’t touched yet. But I’ll get to the keyboard support soon! While we don’t have a release quite ready, work continues to go well. In code land, I’m nearing completion of the keybinding screen and should be doing keyboard support after that. As discussed in Future of the Fortress over the last few months, this’ll cover designations and buildings at the very least, including making sure they still interact well with macros, but not all of the selectors on menus on the first pass.

I’ve also been collecting Scamps photos from my parents’ devices to make sure I had them all. It feels like Tarn’s old computer, yesterday, when he traded it in for one that could run his new compiler. Sure, the code compiles five times as fast, but that doesn’t take away the sting of resting in a darkened closet while all the young computers live fulfilling lives.

It’s true. I had a good run. I had my fun. I’m fine with that. I complied that code for them So what that the new one does it in nine? So what that it no longer takes half a day to test for a release bug?

You know what? I don’t care anymore. I like it in this closet. Don’t worry about me. I had the time of my life! Another month of work commences! Before doing that, I thought I’d take a good stab at Classic and get a better feeling for how long it would take to do the conversion.

This required entering a semi-conscious data entry state. After days of grinding away at a KB txt file, I ended up just finishing a whole preliminary look. Preliminary classic unit sheet Preliminary classic creature list All of the new menus are converted – the tooltips are essential for the small buttons of course, and we have those. But on the plus side, it looks like we’ll have a Classic release on the website at-or-around the initial launch, and every one of these glyphs is also easily moddable in the txt if you want to make different choices.

As a bonus, in the Premium version you can flip between graphics and Classic with a simple settings option during play without having to reload. Over in Adventure land, the community consensus was that pushing it to post-launch is acceptable, and we’re going to take that route – it’ll save us months and months of pre-launch time, which we need to do at this point. Don’t worry – I’m a big adv mode fan and it’s not going anywhere, we just need to get the launch together after these several years.

Arena mode is still undecided – it’s really important for testing and modding, but another chunk of time. Maybe I’ll have another good half-conscious run on it as with Classic here, though it requires some art etc. It took about 47 hours of playtime to establish a new Mountainhome. You could probably cut that time in half if you cut corners and knew exactly what you were doing.

I AM throwing down the gauntlet. The nine hour speed-run is impressive, however the rules have changed in premium! If you want to avoid spoilers- read no further! I started the game in the year on a small world with standard difficulty. The new balance of triggers and difficulty that can be adjusted in the settings menu. This meant that all the hazards are active and the event triggers are pretty much the same as in the current version.

I started the run in a savage biome that was heavily forested next to a decent river. By early spring of I had my Moutainhome. To achieve this victory of sorts, you now have to be nice to the nobility. The caravans are pretty small in the beginning and the only way to get those big wagon trains is to establish a barony.

This will also open up diplomacy with the elves. I was able to do this around year , spreading wealth around like crazy.

This extravagance attracted the typical invaders, but it’s not only wealth that brings chaos to the fortress now. Your industry can also bring attention from the locals. Savage creatures from above and below become irritated by your activity. But you need that lumber, and farming is so much easier in the underground. While waiting for my wealth to pile up I spent most of my time on projects like connecting the various parts of my fortress with minecart tracks in order bring treasure up from the magma forges and goblinite down to the smelter.

Running on the defaults, the nobles need about the same amount of wealth to attract. The monarch, however, demands much more. It’s not enough to merely bring the monarch to your fort.

You need to fulfill their every desire. It took almost every treasure I had to decorate the queen’s throne room to her standards. But even then, the monarch’s thirst for treasure runs much deeper. So deeper you must dig, if you want to claim the title of Mountainhome as your own! I had the old scaling code, which helped a lot, but there are various new wrinkles to do with embedded images and the minimap and so forth, and I’m hammering those out.

So, you won’t have to worry about tiny buttons. I also added some additional display settings while I was at it. A quick way to turn numeric liquids on and off, a quick way to turn on visible ramp arrows in case some convoluted jumble you’ve carved out is confusing, and a way to set the number of elevation levels displayed below your current visible slice.

Here’s the Steam news from last week with the promised tree images! All that’s left is the detritus that is required to bring us to the starting line, waiting for the crack of the pistol. What does that mean? It means that I took a creative writing class in college. We have reached the point that squashing the last of the bugs is as much of the focus as finishing the menus and tutorials.

It means that all we have left is to polish this sucker and we can finally sprint to the end. But we aren’t there quite yet.

Just a little longer. In the mean time, here is an interview we did with Blind, featuring Tarn and I, plus questions from Tekkud! This means: wood colors, autumn leaves, flowers, and fruit! We’ll have some more pictures ready in a few days – for now, here’s a look at the midautumn leaves with different wood colors. Switching between windowed and fullscreen mode has always been fast with F11, but now additionally in the settings video tab you get a drop down list of available resolutions if you’d like to switch for any reason during play.

Instead your changes would be saved over in a prefs folder. You won’t need to touch these outside the game if you don’t want to, but if you like messing with txts, they’d be there to fiddle with, and updates of the game you download would never overwrite your changes it will need to overwrite the default files when new options are added etc.

Settings are available from the title screen and afterward, but the embark difficulty options become available in their own tab once you start play you also see them when you embark. It’s a subject of discussion whether there should be some sort of Iron Dwarf mode that prevents the player from accessing them, since I know people can go either way on that.

There’ll probably be a thing or two like that. I’m putting FPS-sensitive stuff like temperature and weather over in a different section you will always have available regardless of how that shakes out. This may be a permanent state of affairs now as things draw closer to release, but there is action from all directions, whether that be art, or music, or graphics-tech stuff monitor resolution tests in this case , or what have you, while the regular work I’m used to on the code side keeps right along.

Artists have moved on to their next batch of updates – Carolyn’s gone from interface stuff to vegetation, and Jacob’s gone from items to buildings, and we should have some more screenshots soon. From my end specifically, it’s mostly been technical stuff I needed to catch up on.

Textures get cleaned up now rather than sticking around and muddying up subsequent playthroughs, I did some playing around with FMOD our sound library to make sure I can handle everything that’s incoming there, and I made some changes needed for displaying some fancy new gear assemblies.

I think it’ll be like this for a while, hopping between tech stuff I need to do, accessibility stuff I need to do, and bugs. There is now an interactive tutorial for the n00bs. We are also working on an encyclopedia of mini-tutorials to explain how to really survive. For the veterans we have created a series of tabs in the info screen that allows you to find all the zones, workshops, and stockpiles with a simple click! We’re getting there. The artists are working hard making the buildings and underground trees look beautiful.

The music is coming along and sounds great. Meanwhile we’ve been adjusting the caravans and invasion triggers. But more importantly, we’ve been squashing bugs. Here was an annoying one that could have fouled everything up forever: Once after embark, last month, the depth of the world suddenly stopped at 38 levels down. No underground layers.

No underground caverns. No magma. When this happened a second time, we knew we were in trouble. It happened only rarely, but more often on the tutorial embark. It turned out that a few mid-level maps weren’t generated with cavern layers for animation and speed purposes, but wouldn’t always be cleaned and replaced with full versions. Now it is done properly. This disaster has been averted! Thanks again to the outpouring of kindness and support over what has been a miserable week.

You got us through! Congratulations to the generous! On Wednesday morning, we took Scamps in to the vet after a sudden deterioration and it turned out to be widespread lymphoma. He passed away Wednesday afternoon. He was a good baby man and will be missed very much. One side of it as we’ve mentioned is setting up the framework for further tutorials and instruction sheets and filling them with text.

Another is fixing up bugs as they arise to keep the upcoming Stage 3 manageable. Then there’s the general approachability of the game, which is where stuff like the worldgen speed changes came in.

To make sure that wasn’t just reliant on necromancers killing the world, I ran a world without any of that, and a medium still only took 27 minutes! I noticed the world was infested with rocs, and people worshipped them, as they tend to do when there’s enough city attacks, but there weren’t any formal roc religions. Turns out megabeast prophets weren’t generating properly – fixed now! Ran another world and after some hundreds of years, somebody founded a bronze colossus worshipping monastery ha ha.

They are reasonably rare but it is wholesome to have them. As for the necromancers tending to kill off most worlds in their later years, we’re still pondering that – our planned solution for that was to have religions organize the destruction of the secret scrolls and the keeping of forbidden slabs, and the rise of undead-hunting orders and such, but it’s probably best not to start anything ambitious or prone to breakdown at this stage.

But we’ll see what happens! Also in the usability vein, I added in place and object lists, kind of analogous to the previous rooms and treasure list buttons, but with categories and more information. So far I’ve done zones, stockpiles, locations, workshops, and farm plots in separate subtabs, and objects are grouped as crafted artifacts, symbols of positions , named objects, and written content. This means that if you’ve misplaced your dump zone or a favorite stockpile, say, you won’t have to look all over for it.

You can just find it in the list and recenter. We’ve also extended the endgame and given it a bit of optional structure, on top of the underground rewrite we already mentioned. Getting the monarch requires a certain baseline of happiness now. Once you get your monarch situated with proper rooms, it’ll give you a little congratulatory message, and then the game gives you a more ambitious goal to become a true Mountainhome, involving the underground and such.

If you can do it, you’re pretty good at the game! It’s not like Archcrystal-ambitious, just a little taste. It doesn’t kick you out for ‘winning’ the game see: a much older version of DF that literally did this ha ha , but it’s good to continue to have something, just as the goal of getting the monarch or deeper treasures was there already as a previous form of victory. Now they are just united somewhat.

You can still get the monarch early if you know how, and go from there get them rooms, do the ambitious thing. It already has a reputation for being one of the most obtuse games every created. That ends here. As we go through the UI overhaul, we are adding short guides for the crucial mechanics on top of the tooltips that are already there. These can be dismissed and disabled in order not to annoy, but we are on a mission. There are so many aspects of this game that are hidden inside menus or info screens.

We are going to shed a light on these tools and show the world the result of twenty plus years of work they have only seen a glimpse of. These guides are only a tiny part of the time we are spending on improvements, improvements that you made possible. Your generosity is being put to use squashing some of the most important bugs that have dogged the project for years.

Did we tell you that we ran worldgen on the laptop for years on a medium world and it only took 28 minutes? It didn’t take us long to decide we needed tutorials after all, ha ha ha. Now as you are entering the embark map, it asks if you’d like to do a tutorial.

The game searches the world for an optimal tutorial location – forested, brook, pretty flat, shallow metals, if it can get all this – and plops you down there after a short animation. As it stands, and this is subject to change of course, there’s a short four stage tutorial covering camera controls, mining a staircase, chopping trees and stockpiling wood, making a carpenter’s shop and adding a task.

Obviously there’s a lot left to teach, and this may expand. Whatever isn’t tutorialized we’re trying to cover by other means – I’ve also added ten instructional popups so far for various menus using the typical “don’t show me this again” checkbox , and we have more stuff in the works.

Hopefully by the time we’re done, people will have enough of a handle on the game to continue learning on their own. I also updated the save options and cleanup screens which had been lingering up to this point – no news here, just making them fit. Continued tweaking item values. And Jacob and Carolyn have been sending in art which I’ve been incorporating.

More items show their material colors now where they didn’t before. Without your help we can’t keep the lights on, even this close to the Steam release, so we are so very grateful for your support. Old and new features are coming along great in the graphical interface. I have now put my stamp of approval on the minecart system after having my waterwheel powered rollers shoot a minecart carrying a dwarf carpenter out of a hole in the wall and out over a three layer drop into the underground cavern.

There was more chaos above. The new animal agitation system in the Savage Wilds seemed to work on the first try. After cutting down a bunch of trees my poor unprepared fortress was stormed by a pack of enraged ostriches. Even the caravan and price calibration is more satisfying as it meters the rate at which your population used to balloon out of control. All and all, I think things are coming off better than was expected.

There’s about of them. For the end of May we decided to branch out to various matters to give the documentation brain a bit of rest. I still have to do the larger instructional texts. What did this mean in practice? There’s the difficulty stuff Zach mentioned. Lots of new settings to govern old behavior, triggers, scales, and caps. We also added settings for the irritation of underground caverns, which governs forgotten beasts, but which now also governs the underground people for their triumphant return.

There’s also a new irritation variable for outdoor wild areas – some additional smaller scale fun, fun for everybody. Other changes were also made deeper underground this occupied quite a bit of the weekend. I did the hotkey recenter menu. It’s opened with a happy little button by the minimap, with its two friends – the ‘pop to surface’ and ‘pop to deepest discovered point’ buttons.

These can be very handy. This window will also let you know generally what you need to improve on your way up the nobility chain. We’ve tried to make the nobility matter a bit more by linking them to the size of incoming caravans, but we’re still balancing that out. I’ve started tweaking item values as well. Also, as part of my fun mind-easing additions for the end of the month, I added the ability to assign any item to be a symbol for any position as happens in worldgen , and your dwarves in noble and administrator positions will carry them around or put them on.

If the item is not already a named artifact, it becomes a non-crafted artifact and you can give it a name as with the soldier weapon attachment. Also played around with farming to shake up some patterns. Farming in the shallow soil layers far above the caverns is now no longer as viable, and farming in the cavern layers is as rich as usual.

These aren’t large mechanical changes, since we don’t have time to do anything sweeping and potentially destabilizing, but we’re testing this as one of many ways we’re trying to make the caverns more engaging. One of the redacted changes also aims to entice the player to get out there and explore a bit. We are taking Memorial Day weekend and instead of menus we are taking break from the UI to give you old players the challenge you deserve for the Steam release!

More on that next week. For now, let’s talk about the toggleable settings. There will be difficulty settings that adjust the wealth triggers and frequency of invasions, thieves, and beast attacks. These will be customizable just as if you have been editing the text files, but you set them when you embark.

As a side note, I’ve been testing the minecart tracks, sending loads of goblin equipment down to the magma forge to be melted down. If you think that’s a waste of time, you can now buy them off as they will demand an artifact as a bribe before they attack, or adjust the frequency of their attacks down from once every two seasons there was even a bug that caused them to escalate too fast. The elves are also getting reworked to make them more of a challenge.

The number of trees felled that it takes to anger them has been greatly reduced, and their attacks are more deadly. These settings can also be changed if you choose, but watch out when you start in the savage lands as you are in for a surprise, along with the rest of the horrible stuff we have planned for this weekend!

The dwarves are merrily riding carts again, generally causing trouble. There aren’t changes to the systems here, but it’s much easier to set departure conditions and link up stockpiles to the stops. This means we’re moving on to the next stage of the Roadmap!

There’ve been some days of note sorting, and today we went through every menu and pondered the tooltip situation. Regardless of how nice the icons end up looking, certain things can always use some more explanation.

Tooltips are also an opportunity to mention systems and connections so that the player can find other bits and pieces of this reasonably giant and sprawling game, and to shore up some basic knowledge about Z levels and so forth. We’re also considering which screens will need instructional popups which’ll you’d be able to dismiss and then get back with a small help button.

Overall, we’re trying to avoid explicit step-by-step tutorials, but we’ll see how that shakes out in testing later on. Getting people to understand camera movement and stairways and ramps may lead us back there. The more technical among you have already found the text files that govern this. The various triggers that cause everything from dragon attacks to goblin snatchers are relics of a more primitive game where nothing existed outside the patch of mountain you dug into.

Now the world is super-big, filled with all sorts of bad stuff waiting to find you. The triggers still exist, simulating the rumors of your wealth that the trade caravans spread to the outside world. However, nowadays, instead of generating an army from nothing, enemies are drawn from existing populations all over the world.

The triggers are pretty much the same, but it is possible to do stuff like tick off the elves with a raid in order to get them to attack early. That might give you some control, but you are still on the same clock for everything else. It’s for the sake of the noobies that the triggers exist. No one wants to get overrun while they are still figuring out how to play in year 1.

There has to be a default difficulty. We are in the process of logging the invasions versus different scenarios to calibrate this.

Should it be based on population? Maybe traded wealth? Maybe you think you should have some time to prepare for the invaders with your hundred dwarves. Or maybe you want the dragon to come right after you buy out your first caravan. We are going to make this all customizable in a settings menu, but what about before you mess with that? How hard should the game be? Sound off on the regular channels! We are monitoring you. I’ve also updated how constructions work – you can place any construction over a constructed floor now, so you don’t have to remember to deconstruct them or think about which ones are itemless wall tops.

I’ve also tried to make carved and constructed tracks play nice with each other – they understand each other’s jobs a bit and can update work in progress to keep the tracks connected if you make additions. With all that done, it was time to do the hauling menu itself, and that’s been going well. The track stops still plug into the custom stockpile menu like before, and I also had a stockpile linkage menu sitting around from the workshops and stockpiles, so much of what we needed was already there.

The messiest part of the previous hauling menu is the conditions, with its nested and strange keyboard options. That’s the next bit I’m working on, and it should just end up all cleanly laid out and hopefully sensible. Then there are some quality of life things we’d like to add, like being able to view routes from track stop sheets, that sort of thing.

Last week I mentioned being done with the image and name creators – you can see some images over at the last Steam News. All the while, the artists have been trucking along through items and interface elements and snakes and things, ha ha. We’ll continue to show these in the screenshots as they come up, though we are always a little behind for instance, we now have final art for the old announcement alert icons in those image creator screen.

This week I want to talk about the work order system. This screen is only available once you have appointed a manager, but if you have you will find yourself clicking on it again and again as your fortress grows and you have more important things to worry about than ordering enough beds for the new living quarters.

Work order screen As you can see, it takes a metric ton of work orders to keep my fortress running smoothly. However, if you aren’t afraid of a little typing and logic, you will never have to worry about running out of wooden doors, rock toys, or dwarven rum! The orders are created via typing filter or by selecting the tasks exactly like you would if you clicked on the appropriate workshop. Just make sure you have the right material and workshops available and away you go.

This might be good if you want to fire away an order for 5 silk ropes without looking for the clothier, but what if you need a standing order to keep your fortress going full-auto? Here is the new standing order screen: Work order conditions The veterans may see the newly suggested conditions. You will find that your propensity for making orders will skyrocket when you notice how easy it is now.

You will never run out of empty bins, or barrels, and never will your dwarves go thirsty because you were in the middle of designing your latest drowning chamber for the goblin invaders. All you need to make sure everything keeps running is to piss off the elves and cut down as many trees as it takes!

The name and image creators are done, and I’ve also updated the pressure plate menu. The image creator is about the same as before, but it’s much easier to notice that job details can be set now, since you can just click on the prominent magnifying glass by the relevant jobs or work orders.

Clicking on planned engravings is currently non-obvious, but we’ll handle that during Stage 2 when we’re doing tooltips and such. Hopefully this’ll lead to more custom statues and pictures. The last big project is to get tracks and rollers and stops placed and integrated with the minecart hauling menu. Track construction might still be a little clumsy, because it can’t easily guess where you want your ramps, but we’re going to do a few helpful things like allowing you to build constructions over constructed floors more easily which should help a bit.

And the hauling menu itself will definitely end up not nearly so nestedly weird as it is currently. We aren’t just designing a UI for the noobies, we are redesigning everything to make this a great experience, as well as an oddity that’s hanging on the wall at a museum in New York.

For that reason basic systems have been replaced with ones that are much more transparent, intuitive, and fun. Many now think that the new stress system is too easy, but I doubt anyone wants to return to the days when annoying red arrows meant your fort was doomed.

We have changed the system into something different than both of these extremes. But more importantly, we are going to show you what’s actually going on instead of letting flashing arrows drive you crazy.

First of all, even in the easy version of the stress system, there is a spectrum of emotions that like most complex systems in DF was hidden under the surface. You may or may not be following the Steam news, but now we have a string of smiley faces representing your dwarves’ immediate emotional state. Mayor’s sheet with many new icons by Carolyn, who has been working on the interface You can see the spread of varied emotions in this fort.

This is the best I could do after 7 years, and dwarves, giving them everything their little hearts desired. With a detailed thought and memory tab you can see what brought them to the state they are in.

For example, one of my angriest dwarves was the mayor who hated that I gave the count his posh office and was outraged that I had convicted a goose of being drunk and disorderly.

You might not be able to please everyone, but at least there are no more blinking arrows. Here’s the report for May and the Future of the Fortress reply. To everyone eagerly reading this blog looking forward to seeing what Tarn has been working on these many months, it may seem like there is little progress as we have had few dev logs along the way.

We are going to fix that. Let me tell you about the effort this one man has made to transform 20 years of work on the most complex simulation in gaming into a playable state in a mere three. This has been far more than an exercise in UI design. We have been adjusting game mechanics, fixing bugs, and generally making this fantasy world generator into a game anyone can pick up and get started right away instead of struggling to learn or decipher with the help of third party apps.

I have been testing every aspect of the game one by one and going over them with an aim to improve. In the process, the game has become so much easier I would say you can accomplish your goals in a fraction of the time, minus the headache and progression of carpal tunnel syndrome. Let me tell you now that we are almost done. We are already over the biggest challenges.

All that’s left of the UI is a few screens such as the Hauling screen for the planning of minecart tracks, and the placement of track stops and rollers. We really need this for the people who want to make Turing complete computers inside the game but for some reason can’t deal with the ASCII. Just stick with us! It will be soon, depending on your proximity to time. The information and function is about the same as before, but now it all happens over the world map with some overlays, much like fort mode itself, rather than having modes like the civization list that happen in isolation.

Zach has been running raids and kicking out dwarves and requesting them with messengers and so forth – we’ll continue to get various weird behaviors and frustrations cleaned up as we go. I’ve also finished up the name creator and am halfway through the image creator. The name creator is similar to its text-based counterpart, with a new ability to randomize parts of names. Alllmost out of stage 1 of the roadmap we posted earlier this year.

There’s still the hauling stuff to do, and lots of little missing submenus for instance, pressure plate weight selection , but we’ll find them all! The stress changes we’ve made over the year are also panning out really well. You may have noticed the spread of various happiness levels in some of the images of Zach’s forts.

I don’t remember if I mentioned this before, but the old immediate happiness levels are somewhat back, but they are linked to the newer long-term stress levels instead of being replaced by them. So dwarves can now be genuinely miserable in the short-term without being lost causes – it still takes some years of ongoing misery to make them fall apart, but it’s easier to spot and correct now.

Only the reddest dwarves can be lost. We’ll keep messing with it, but with the civil war bugs also fixed as far as I can tell! We spent the last few weeks working on the dwarf sheets, and you can see the latest iteration of over at the latest news post. It was pretty exciting to bring out some of the details that had been languishing several nested obscure menus within the old views, especially the medical history, and hopefully we can continue to do that as we shift our focus to the wider world now with the C screen.

To start, here’s an interview with BlindiRL where we chat about the roadmap and other matters for a few hours, from earlier this month. Then last week, we posted a news update , with some of the new palette-based graphics in a fort, as well a progress report on the roadmap. In that progress report, I mentioned getting mostly through justice, doing petitions, and being halfway through diplomacy.

Diplomacy is done now. The flow is a bit different. It no longer interrupts you repeatedly while the meeting is going on, but rather there’s an alert that pops up under the top bar as with petitions now that you click to handle the entire meeting or as much of the meeting as you like, so you can go check Stocks and then come back, etc. I also changed export agreements. They now just pick one or two goods to focus on each year and raise the prices more than they did before, rather than giving you a longer list of percentages for lots of goods.

Ultimately, we want to have even more tailored arrangements, but this was a fast change that helps a bit. Since then, I’ve started in on the unfinished tabs in the unit sheets. For instance, the Thoughts tab now displays all of their recent thoughts the overview page it starts with just has a shorter list at the bottom in a list. This is more legible than the old thought paragraph.

I’ve also added a memories section, where you can see which memories they’ve relived in their thoughts, which emotions are attached to them, and if their personality changed as a result. These are grouped by season and year chronologically, and it gives you a nice impression of how their life has been over time. Other bits have come up during this time, since Zach is always running a fort and we’ve been repairing things as they come up incidentally, before the more focused bug push in stage 3 of the roadmap.

Loyalty cascades should be gone now. I’ve fixed a few ways that intrafort fights can start lethal or become lethal, but knowing that some will always creep in, I’ve also had the game cancel lethal intrafort fights periodically.

This stops the job cancellations where civilians are constantly running from each other before they ruin the fort. We eventually want to tie this into the justice system so there can be an actual resolution to whatever the lethal issue was, hopefully without calling it involuntary dwarfslaughter.

Next up, more unit tabs! That should also get us through the health stuff when it’s done. Here’s a Future of the Fortress post. Things have been so samey and also newsy and otherwise troublesome that I missed doing a dev log entirely last month. That’s probably a first? In any case, things have been going on.

Here’s the roadmap post. The justice screen is almost done. I just need to integrate the interrogation reports. Combat reports are now in – they appear grouped under a few icons on the right with the other announcements, and you can click all of those icons now to get to the recenter and expansion options.

We’ve also controlled spammed icons there a bit more, though that’s a neverending struggle. Now we are using explicit palettes to do the color shifts. These live in rows in their own moddable image file and are linked to the color descriptors in the raws.

Here’s an image of some items that Jacob made, recolored in-game by material. Also, the questions and the answers. That work concerned legends mode, turning it into a little browser-style critter with clickable links and tabs. It’s quite fun to surf around. Most recently, I’ve moved some of that over to world generation and have generally been trying to make that process a little friendlier.

There’s now a nice and colorful history readout that advances as you go. The most important event of the last is added every second, so you get a decent collection of events. I’ve also cut up the history making routines so that the input is much more responsive even as the years get into the hundreds and slow down – the change doesn’t speed up the process itself of course, but it is easier to pause and stop, ha ha.

The colorful text in the short world generation chronicle there is not clickable, though it has occurred to us that we could in fact let you in to see some form of legends pages even during world generation now. I’m a little worried about this because certain information is only finalized once worldgen is over, but it’d probably still work okay, although it is funny that the player could get sucked in to browsing before the world is even made and saved.

Seeing more information there also makes an active worldgen that the player can mess with feel more possible, though we’ll reserve that for the mythy-much-later. There was an icy snow storm that put lutefisk on hold. I will offer updates as possible, unless we are all consumed by what rises when the ritual is not observed in timely fashion.

A report for to start Lots has changed here. Mods are now zip files in their own folder, and the vanilla objects are stored similarly though they aren’t zipped.

Plop a zip file in the mods folder, and it becomes available for use – it needs to have a little info. The vanilla files also use the same format, so there’ll be plenty of examples. When you create a world, you can set a load order from among the mods that are installed on your computer, including the vanilla objects.

The default is just to load the vanilla objects in order, and you don’t even see this if you haven’t put mods on your system. On the other hand, vanilla objects don’t need to be loaded at all, though obviously in that case you’ll generally want something to replace them. Hopefully this will allow total object conversions and other large changes without needing to leave the in-game interface. Saves no longer store their mods – this isn’t feasible with all the graphics, so you’ll need to have the right mods installed to load modded saves.

Different saves on the same computer can still use different mods; it loads the specified mods with each save, so it doesn’t matter if you have conflicting mods installed, as long as they don’t conflict within a single world. Mods store version compatibility information, so saves should be able to update their mods if the authors provide when they release new versions. Lutefisk is on New Year’s Day this year. Another week of anticipation. December’s report is here. The Future of the Fortress is here.

It runs a little under two hours and we discussed all sorts of dwarfy matter. In particular, the map part of the embark screen is done! Previously, near the beginning of the graphical work, we started with the “prepare carefully” part of embarking, but we were saving the map part where you choose your embark location for later.

You can also zoom in sixteen times to an expansive zoomed-in view which used to be restricted to adventure mode — it’s great to see all of the little brooks coming down through the mountains, and to see the tiny one or two tile islands blow up into their true shapes complete with beaches.

We’ve also gotten rid of the F1-F8 biome view, which was very clunky, and replaced it with a more normal-feeling hover window. The site finder is currently unchanged, and you can still pick your civilization – it gives you information about the total population, ruler, and number of sites. It also gives you a little more information about your neighbors and your civs diplomatic state with them. Here is the report.

And also the Future of the Fortress reply. First, here’s the Steam news from the 7th with an underground well. More on topic, the more recent Steam news from today with a siege and a brief look at the squad menu. Squad menu Here’s a still image of the squad menu. This looks similar to the old ‘s’quad menu we have in the ASCII version, but the major difference is that this menu is now the entire military screen.

You can do everything from here. Squad positions Before we look at equipment and schedules, here’s a look at where you assign dwarves to positions in the squad and also give individuals orders.

I’ve set three of the dwarves to stand in the hallway the white rectangle is animated. Squad equipment Here’s the information you get when you click the equipment button. Green means they have everything in the category, So you can tell very quickly for instance in this fort that there is a boot shortage. Some of the dwarves with weapons don’t show them in their image because they are strapped to their body.

Equipment customization Here’s what you get when you click customize. You can also save the customized equipment as a uniform by giving it a name up at the top. Then using the assign uniform option on the last menu, you can assign it to everybody who is selected. You can also use the add uniform button from the main equipment menu to create a uniform using this menu. The only difference is that you can only assign specific items when customizing since they don’t make sense in uniforms.

These are done; I just have to type them in. Now, the months are optional. The routines are named along the top. These were formerly “alerts”. You can add as many routines as you like and page the columns by clicking some arrows that pop up.

The new default “ready” routine has dwarves pick up their equipment and remain as active as possible for special orders. Equipment is also not replaced as often, so they shouldn’t run off all the time for every new item, though we’re still working out some details there.

The distinction between “off duty” and “no orders” is that off duty only shows when you’ve set the grid cell to allow civilian clothing and sleeping outside the barracks. Monthly schedules Here’s the monthly schedule view.

The months should probably also be colored by season and the active month highlighted so you don’t have to glance up to the calendar. Editing scheduled orders And finally here’s the editing of a grid cell.

Here I’m telling a squad to patrol a hallway. We still have to handle food, drink, and ammunition concerns, and a few other things, but it feels like we’ve jumped the major hurdles. Here is a Future of the Fortress as well. The Steam news from the 9th has a short gif and summarized the cleanup I’d been doing early in the month. The Steam news from the 23rd has a video of a desert fort where you can see elements of the new interface in action.

I appeared on the Stack Overflow Podcast. So yeah, the first part of the month was mostly catching up on stuff, as described in the first news post. After that, I did burrows. That part hasn’t changed – we’ll probably just be focusing on cleaning up issues with them rather than changing how they work. You can place them, assign dwarves to them, give them symbols, and set their workshop behavior like before.

Ah, I did add the ability to “pause” burrows, so you can quickly turn them on and off without worrying about alerts. They’ll likely change a bit more as we get to the military stuff, and we’ll need to do a pass on their bugginess now that they are back in the game.

The military stuff is also underway! I’m starting from a squad window, which like many games these days is handled in a popup on the right under the minimap. So far so good – we’ve recaptured the functionality of the old squad menu, in that you can give orders to squads or individual squad members.

You can also create squads from the squad popup. It feels like handling the military interface is one of the last potentially horrifying bits to manage, even though there’s still a lot of work left to do overall, so our morale has been increasing as it has started off well!

But we’ll see how equipment goes, ha ha ha. I have to do an internal rewrite there in another attempt to squish the raid crash as well. I also did the display of snow, though there are a few edging issues left there on hillsides. And the Future of the Fortress answers! Beyond the information there, which was posted on the 12th, the work has continued in the same vein. The next task has been handling occupations, stuff like tavern keepers, performers, priests, scholars, that sort of thing.

This led to doctors being left in a strange spot, and ultimately we decided to change doctors into a location occupation, and upgrade hospitals to a location, which means that hospitals get historically-remembered names and can span several zones. Doctors will also be assignable to the whole site as before, if you want them to work in multiple hospitals. We’re also taking this opportunity to finish updating all the different location details interfaces, e. The summer video update post video link on YouTube.

I also did a more code-oriented interview over on Stack Overflow. For me, menus within menus! As of the last news post , we had done stockpile links being created from workshops and were working on work orders. Then through the week which just passed, we haven’t left work orders, since work orders are complicated!

In particular, adding conditions for them. But those are done now at least, ha ha. The conditions for work orders related to products and reagents are a lot less cryptic now. We’ve moved them to a “suggested conditions” section which is hopefully easier to understand.

Here’s a look, adding to the news post’s add work order menu: Work orders list The main new thing on the work order list is the ability to change the number left in an order at any point, doing either an infinity order, or from 1 to completions. Work order conditions We still have some of those all-caps adjectives, but it’s a bit easier to understand now, anyway. You can use the buttons in the top right to add your own custom conditions that you tailor in that way, and also to add order-based conditions so you can set the order in which work orders are completed.

I think all that remains here is getting building-based work orders up from the building sheet. Alright I’m broke. I’m just living in a 71 motorhome next to the Flathead Middle Fork river I just have to.

It’s just not right to play this amazing game and not give something back. It’s not right. I was a software pirate for 20 years, at least.

This game deserves some credence, however. These programmers, and developers deserve some recognition, some money, and some more money.

To the guy that actually put this pack together – you are awesome, you should get a paypal button. I will donate. This is the best game ever. I want some money to go to the developers, however. I’ll pay – just provide a Paypal link. I have no idea if its just my comp, but everytime I use any tileset the ASCII graphics bleed through, or I get a door that should be a river tile. Is this a natural occurance?

The LNP pack is very nice btw, im not complaining, I can deal with a few graphical glitches if its common if not I would like a fix for it. I just discovered this game. Downloaded it, installed it, and ran it for the first time. And even though I absolutely love the concept, the graphics of little faces and “c”s and “h”s running around instantly gave me a headache. So started the search for graphic sets and tile sets If it weren’t for this Pack that combines all the love and effort of who knows how many people, I could have been searching for days.

Thank you so much for saving me days of horrible searching techniques to find all of these wonderful addons. Thanks a bunch, I came here for just new graphics, and got sound files as well as other stuff too, this is a great game, and you’ve just made it greater. FYI: An updated version is available for windows , and also for Mac is available. No one has volunteered to assemble a linux version yet though, so if you’re interested have a look on the thread and you can assemble it yourself.

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