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Microsoft outlook calendar tutorial 2016 free download

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Microsoft also offers some great free tutorials for Outlook Training is available for all major releases on Windows, Mac, iphone and ipad.

Here are some very useful Outlook tutorials from Microsoft:. How to add an email account to Outlook — Learn how to add many different types of email accounts to Outlook, including Office , Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and Exchange accounts. Introduction to the Outlook Calendar — You can use the Outlook Calendar to create appointments and events, organize meetings, view group schedules, and much more.

Outlook for MAC Training. Outlook for MAC Help. Getting Started Series with Outlook Training. Microsoft also recently partnered with LinkedIn to provide some amazing high quality LinkedIn Learning training courses that focus on Outlook and Excel Getting Started Series with Excel Training. Microsoft is currently offering a free download of 3 handy ebooks that will guide you on how to Get Started with OneDrive, Outlook and OneNote Learn all about OneDrive, how to add files using your computer or the OneDrive website, get files from your phone or tablet, and create, edit, and share Office docs on the go.

Sharing and collaborating is also covered. The download is 1. This eBook will introduce you to hidden features, techniques, and timesavers specifically for Windows users. The eBook is broken down into the following 12 sections:. The third eBook is OneNote Tips and Tricks created for both existing and new users who are seeking those hidden features, shortcuts, techniques, and timesavers that will make using OneNote for Windows so much easier.

With Outlook , you can manage complex calendars that interact with the schedules of multiple people in real time. In this course, we’ll focus on using the calendar for business, but you can take what you learn here and apply to any other use, such as scheduling personal time.

Start by adding a new item: a New Appointment or a New Meeting. Since we are just starting out, let’s keep it simple and add a New Appointment. Click where you want to add the appointment, and then click the item. Type a Subject , and a Location. An appointment can be anything you want it to be.

In this case, we are just blocking out time to get some work done in the office. You can use the calendar like this to help you keep organized. Down here, you can add more details. Since you are the only one who will use the appointment, you can add whatever you want. Then, let’s attach the PowerPoint file we’ll be working on. The appointment is done. But let’s add a few more options. In Show As , you can choose how you want others to view your time. This is useful, if you share your calendar.

We’ll get into sharing later. Next, you can set a reminder. Depending on the permissions granted by the owner of a calendar, you can create or appointments on shared calendars.

For more information, see Share an Outlook calendar with other people and Manage another person’s mail and calendar items.

You can use overlay view to display multiple calendars that you created and also calendars shared by other Outlook users. For example, you can create a separate calendar for your personal appointments and overlay your work and personal calendars to quickly see where you have conflicts or free time.

If you have access to a SharePoint site, you can view the lists of events from that site in your Outlook Calendar. You can change the list in Outlook, even when you are working offline.

The changes are automatically synchronized when you connect to the Internet again. Also, you can view the SharePoint calendars side-by-side with other personal or shared calendars. You can send your calendar to a mail recipient as an Internet Calendar, but keep control over how much information is shared. Your calendar information appears in the body of the email message as an Internet Calendar attachment that the recipient can open in Outlook.

For more information, see Introduction to calendar sharing. Internet Calendar Subscriptions resemble Internet Calendars, except that the downloaded calendar is synchronized regularly with the Internet Calendar and updated. With the Delegate Access feature, one person can use his or her own copy of Outlook to easily manage another person’s calendar. For example, an administrative assistant can manage the calendar of a manager. When the manager designates the assistant as a delegate, the assistant can create, move, or delete appointments and can organize meetings on the manager’s behalf.



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In Outlook, you can print items such as email messages, contacts, calendar items, or larger views, such as calendars, address books, or content lists for Mail folders. Signatures can include text, images, your Electronic Business Card, a logo, or even an image of your handwritten signature. You can create calendars that show the schedules of a group of people or resources. Incorrect instructions. On the ribbon or in the reading pane, choose Reply , Reply All , or Forward.


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