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– Какого черта вы не позвонили Стратмору. – Мы позвонили! – не сдавалась Мидж.  – Он сказал, что у них все в порядке.



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This guide is designed to help players who do not want to miss something while completing or completing 3-star assignments. Since the secrets at the levels are often not easy to detect, and sometimes simply impossible because of the complete absence of any hints of this, we present to your attention a guide indicating the location of all the caches in this game.

The first secret near the helicopter, between the containers and the tank. In the place where the wall is broken. Near the last group of soldiers, around the corner. The first secret is located behind the fence near the hatch. The second in the booth on the left edge of the map. Third to the right of the garage. Fourth to the left of the garage. Fifth in the ruined building to the left of the main gate. A secret in the hallway below the resp.

In the room where you need to pick up ammunition. At the end of the corridor where the machine gun stands. Everything is on the same wall in the same corridor.

We explode the boxes, the passage to the secret opens. On the wall of the next room. In the same room. The secret will open if you go to the green terminal. There are a lot of exploding balls on the wall of the room. Opens after we went down to the basement. In the wall of the room where Nikolai was hiding. In the wall of the corridor where we wait while Nikolai breaks into the terminal.

We go into the next corridor. The first secret in the room where the monsters come out, the second behind the door with a green terminal. The next secret in the place where the final battle of the mission takes place. The following secret does not appear as a secret. After the final battle, we approach the terminal where Nikolai was busy, after which we have a passage to the two rooms of the main hall. The last 2 secrets of this mission will be revealed to us only after Nikolai hacked the last terminal.

After that, two previously locked doors will open on the map. In a room with a second server. The door opens after cleaning the room from the monsters. In the basement near the corpse of a soldier. The secret door will open immediately after interacting with the terminal. We blow up the barrel, the passage to the secret opens. The door opens with a blue terminal in the room with Kate. On the wall of the next corridor. In the wall of the hall with arches.

In the same room with arches. In the second sector. The wall of the room of the third sector. The door is opened by the terminal after entering the fourth sector. In the same corridor of the fourth sector. Not considered a secret. A hole in the wall of a large hall of the fourth sector. We go around the garage on the right side, we find the first secret.

Behind the building near the multi-story building. We go around the first garage at the bottom of the map. All in the same garages. In the house on the edge of the map Behind the same house. On the wall of the first corridor. We rise to the location where you need to turn on the first generator.

We stumble upon the second secret. The following two secrets are only available after turning on the power. We pump out the water, turn on the last generator. Near the blue terminal, there is a descent down.

At the exit from the secret, the hero may be stuck. Do not be alarmed, get out really. The last two secrets in the hall at the exit of the assignment. The doors are now unlocked. At the first intersection, in the left and right room. Behind the target room, in front of the door.

In the last room, in the left and right room. The first secret on the start screen just blows up the barrels. In the next room, turn left. The right room does not count as a secret. The next secret on the way to the goal. In a room with a mysterious stranger. Just waiting for Cap to open the door for us. Two dynamites are blown up. We move to the exit. The doors in the hall after the office can now be opened. There will be the last four hiding places. Before the asphalt road, we get out of the car and go to the boxes.

We go further, we go behind the truck with the tank. After we turned off the asphalt, we drive along the lowest road. We go a little further, we meet the fourth secret. Two hiding places at the very end of the road ruins near a herd of large monsters with guns. On the way, we come across the first building that you can enter. The secret on the first and second floors. At the next intersection, do not turn off, but drive straight.

In the fenced area, we find the third secret. The last secret on the second floor of the Mega Market. We meet the first soldier, but do not follow him. We turn into the lower courtyard, we find the secret. From the helicopter, we go to the right to the ruins. From the ruins along the edge of the map to the top. We return to the guys at the helicopter. We follow them to the next building. Breaking the wall in this place. In the clean and jerk of Donaldson. Your email address will not be published.

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